Playing Celine's Golf Course

How's this for exciting: On Saturday, I'm going to play at Golf Le Mirage.

This private club, just north of Montréal, is rumored to be ultra-beautiful, and the golf, very challenging. Le Mirage actually consists of two 18 hole courses designed by Graham Cooke and it always makes the Best of lists for Canadian golf destinations. From the few photographs I've seen it looks all foresty and waterfally. I've got real weakness for waterfally so I'm totally psyched about this invite.

The resort is owned by none other than Golf Girl Celine Dion. If you need a reminder of her golfiness check out this Callaway ad:

I'll actually be in the Montréal area for several days and hope to play other courses as well. I've particularly got my eye on the Club de Golf de L'Île de Montréal. In fact, let me start working on getting that set up right now. Sweet.