Another Golf Cart Crash

There have been several golf cart accidents over the past few months. Some are believed to have been alcohol-fueled acts of carelessness, others remained unexplained.

The most recent happened on Friday night in Livermore, CA. sent 5 people to the hospital, three of them with serious injuries. In fact, one woman is currently in critical condition. The cart, in this case, appears to have been a six person model - which I never even knew existed. A local police official has speculated they may have been going too fast.

Though I much prefer to walk, I often play with golfers who insist on carts, and I've got to admit I'm frequently quite reckless when I take the wheel. I don't know why - my adrenalin junkie gene I guess. Anyway, I've resolved to change my reckless ways. These accidents have showed me how easy it is for careless fun to go bad.

From now on I intend to obey the rules of the road cart path.