The Biggest Gender Gap in Golf (updated)

After observing a summer of elite golf in his home country, Scottish golf journalist, John Huggan, concludes that ladies are markedly inferior to men in all aspects of the short game. In pitching, chipping and putting, he surmises, women should be every bit as good as men. But just aren't.

Mr. Huggan speaks with golf coach David Whelan who's coached Paula Creamer, Rachel Hetherington and other high profile golf girls. He feels that when girls are learning the game, far too much emphasis is put on hitting balls off the tee ... and and a lack of technique around the greens is the direct result. Hmmm. According to this story, David Whelan is working to change that balance and is making strides toward narrowing, "perhaps the biggest gender gap in golf". If Paula's short game is any indication, and I'm not sure it is, he's on the right track.

Coach Whelan also seems to imply that, from a coaching standpoint, women are less confident and more needy than men thus requiring more encouragement and individualized attention.

I'm quite sure there'll be a few who disagree with this part.

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