Who's That (Golf) Girl?

I've got to admit I'd never heard of Natasha Shishmanian till today. That changed this morning when she appeared, just like that, on one of my numerous google golf alerts.

Here at Golf Girl's Diary, research time is rather limited these days thus my info is still somewhat sketchy but perhaps UK readers can help fill in the blanks. From what I gather this exotic brunette is a rather exemplary Golf Girl; she's sited as both a golf writer who's "written for Golf Punk magazine and reported for the Mirror from The Open", AND a professional golfer. Strangely, I've yet to find many any details on her career as a professional golfer. Hmmm, odd that.

Anyway, Natasha's (unusual) name bubbled to the surface today because she recently married "well known" millionaire DJ, Chris Evans! Frankly, I'd never heard of him till today either, but supposedly he's quite the pop culture celeb in the UK... and he shares with Natasha a love of golf.

As you can imagine, I'm quite curious to find out more about this UK golf girl and her newly acquired media tycoon husband.