Golf is so Unpredictable... Except When it's Predictable

It was Tiger Woods, undisputed Master of the Golf Universe, winning at historically Tiger-friendly Cog Hill.

Yes, this was a predictable one. Predictable, but by no means dull. Aaron Baddeley and Steve Stricker made sure of that. The two, who began the day with a one shot edge, were soon confronted with a Tiger charge. By the time they got through the ninth hole they were sharing that lead with Mr. Woods. But these guys didn't just melt right down ... they made an amazing array of birdies that prolonged the suspense for a couple more holes.

It wasn't till the 12th, when Tiger made a breathtaking showpiece of a birdie, from a 50 foot putt, that the predictable outcome crystallized and Tiger took over to win.

So, despite the predictability, It was very compelling golf. For the third week in a row, yet ooo. The players may be ambivalent about it and the golf writers have torn it apart, but this Fedex Cup playoff thing is working for me.