Natalie Gulbis & the Solheim Slumber Party

As much as I love Natalie Gulbis, I must admit, I sometimes avoid her awesome website. There's just too much beautiful blondness for me to handle. Every time I peruse her pages I end up at my hair colorist, begging him to transform me into the blonde I was meant to be. And the results are always disastrous. My brunette genes are just too dominant. I mean, I've seen Asian, Indian and African girls who can do blonde better than I can... Christie Kerr, Paula Creamer, Morgan Pressel, Brittany Lincicome...same thing. They all have that blonde-lust effect on me. So I've been sticking with Nicole Castrale sites thus avoiding the bastions of blondness and yet another hair color horror.

A couple of days ago however, a post in The Golf Blog tempted me back to Natalie's world and I was rewarded with a wonderfully detailed day-by-day account of life with Team USA as they get ready for the intense competition of the Solheim Cup. Well, despite the inevitable jet lag and the spector of a showdown with Team Europe, these girls seem to been having a blast. They're doing all kinds of fun things together, like putting on make up, getting dolled up for a big gala, playing ping pong and pool with the caddies, wearing really cute outfits, exchanging awesome gifts...Natalie's lyrical account made it sound like one big golf girl slumber party. I almost expected her posting to finish with a playful pillow fight!

As we know though, these girls are serious golfers; professionals of the highest level, and it hasn't been all fun and games. The team has already spent numerous hours on the pristine fairways and greens of Sweden's Halmstad Golfklubb, strategizing together, mapping their games with their caddies, and practicing. The competition promises to be intense, and I look forward to watching it live on the Golf Channel this weekend.

I'm also hoping for a few more posts from Natalie...and maybe even that pillow fight.

Oh, BTW, one of the girls above has an appointment with her hair colorist tomorrow.