Awesome Amy ... Sabbatini-esque Golf Blogger

I read about Amy's golf blog on Heather's golf blog and I'm sooo glad I did, because Rory's wife can really write! Her pre-Tour Championship blog is lyrical and engaging in a way many golf blogs (including this one, at times) are not. Granted, the girl has an inside track and I imagine she's got some excellent sources, but it's the way she makes the PGA inner sanctum seem so accessible that make this such a great read. In a voice so down-to-earth and casual that's almost disarming, Amy sets the scene leading up to the Tour Championship tomorrow.

After reading Amy's blog, I wandered around on the Rory Sabbatini website for a while, and you know what? It's an excellent site... graphically appealing, easy to navigate, and rendered to provide a truly personal experience with this most controversial golfer, and his colorful entourage. Whether you're a Rory fan or not (and I know a few some many who are not) I urge you to check it out. You might just change your mind. I sure did, and I learned a cool new adjective in the process. And that's so "Sabbatini-esque".