Welcome Back Golferette!

I thought she had abandoned the fairways of the the blogosphere for greener pastures greens... In fact the other day, I reluctantly removed her blog from my seriously overweight blogroll.

Fortunately though, The Fairway Flapper is now back to writing about golf. It turns out her absence was just a hiatus bought on by a blogging-at-work scolding incident (I can relate to that, big-time) and an ulra-busy summer.

Lizzy's latest post is about Golf Meet-ups and what a great way they are to get together with a group of golfers in your area for outings and events. I just checked in my area and found several within easy driving distance and each had it's own unique theme and flavor. I'm definitely signing up for this one.

And that's the thing I like about The Fairway Flapper. She finds really fun golf stories. And as you may have guessed, I love a fun golf story. So get Lizzy back on your list!