HOG Golf Blogging Milestone - 1500 posts

I read it yesterday on Oobgolf (itself no stranger to prolific posting)... Hooked on Golf, recently made his 1,500th post. This entertaining and informative golf blog has been around since 12/05/04... That's more than a post a day! Congratulations Tony Korologos, that's pretty extraordinary.

It's especially amazing because Tony's posts so consistently engaging; often including personal opinion, anecdotes and stories of his own experiences, and frequently illustrated with photos and video. He doesn't just phone it in. That's for sure. Tony also runs The Golf Space, a real pioneer in social networking for golfers.

Yes Tony's golf blogging resume is pretty impressive and he seems like a really fun guy, too (don't you just love his Halloween logo above). I might take a trip out to Utah one of these day and interview him for Golf Girl TV.

Oh, BTW, I hope to have a new episode of GGTV up later today.