Woods / Weir : Diverse Reactions from the Blogosphere

There were decidedly varying opinions on some of the events that took place last weekend at the President's Cup. I'm not talking about the valiant Woody Austin ball rescue Belly Flop...everyone loved that...except maybe Woody. No, I'm talking about the Tiger Woods / Mike Weir match-up, which was eventually won by Weir, to the joy of some and the consternation of others.

That Canda.com and the Winnipeg Sun chose a cheerful spin was no surprise, neither was Chris Baldwin's provocative in-your-face reaction. Chris Baldwin was just being Chris Baldwin, pretty predictable. But I think the post I enjoyed most was this poem, penned by Golf Gal for her blog Chicks with Stix. It's short and sweet and matter-of-fact:

Ode to Mike Weir

There once was a lefty named Weir
Who took down "the Cat" without fear
Though the bookies picked Tigger
Mike beat him - go figure!
All the world heard Canadians cheer!!!

- Golfgal -

See that, she's poet and a golfer. You go, Golfgal!