Hugh Grant Enjoys Golf, and Other Pleasures, in Scotland

Hugh Grant's recent visit to Scotland is raising some eyebrows. Not because of anything he did at the Dunhill Links celebrity pro-am tournament... though that bunker shot does look a bit has more to do with what happened at night after the tournament.

It seems the so-called "aging Lothario" went to a bar in St. Andrews, met up with a bunch of pretty college girls in their early twenties and, when invited, went off to party with them at a student apartment. And that's what everyone's all upset about. Which I don't really understand as everyone in the "incriminating" photos seems to be a consenting adult, and word from the scene has it that there were no minors present. But the press is being quite vindictive with the roguish actor. The Daily Mail's headline read: "Hugh silly old goat: As he cavorts with students half his age, why CAN'T Hugh Grant learn to grow up?"

How did these steamy photos get all over the Internet you might ask? Well, one of the young ladies in the photos did what any normal young person in 2007 would do if they found themselves in such photos. She immediately posted them on her Facebook page.

More revealing photos here.
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