French Golf Culture - Elégance and Sensualité

After yesterday's nod to Spanish golf blogs, I thought I'd proceed on up to France where there's also also a distinct and growing golf culture, despite the fact that, here in the US, "French Golf" still tends to bring to mind "Van de Velde's Carnoustie catastrophe".

My favorite French golf blog, (which just happens to be written by one of the world's cutest golf bloggers) is simply called Golf. Brigitte, the alluring auteur posts almost daily with a voice that's uniquely hers. She's an excellent writer, and she knows her subject. This girl is totally passionate about golf...but at the same time she's light-hearted and fun-loving and it shows in her posts. If you read French it's a highly recommendable golf blog. If you don't read French I would suggest you have a look at Fairways, site of the French golf magazine of the same name. It too is in French, but there are lots of visuals, and it gives you an idea of the elegant, chic and sensual nature of French golf. If you do venture there, be sure to go to the portfolio section and check out the beautiful Fairway Girls. And...just for fun, see if you can pick out the beautiful golf blogger Brigitte, among them.