The Rebranding of Natalie Gulbis

There's a makeover in the works for the "NG" brand.

This will not be welcome news to the legions of gentlemen who've coveted the provocative Natalie Gulbis calendars of the past several years, nor to those who carefully craft slide shows of Natalie bikini shots. You see, the idea behind this rebranding is to take control of an image that has become more about sexiness and glamour and less about sportiness and golf.

A Richmond VA branding agency, Circle S Studio, is working with Gulbis' sports-marketing firm, Octagon, to reposition the gifted golfer, and the shift would turn the perception of Natalie Gulbis as "swimsuit-model-for-men" to that of "role-model-for women". The repositioning is already evident in the her 2008 calendar and day planner which, as was reported earlier this month, is far less revealing and far more golf oriented than in past years.

Natalie Gulbis has now earned her first LPGA tour title (the Evian Masters) thus banishing the "sexy but winless" aura that had dogged her for quite a while. This would certainly be a logical time for her to take her brand in a new direction if that's what she wants to do. That said, I've no doubt that with her good looks and friendly, accessible personality, she'll continue attract the attention of most her current fans.