Halloween Golf

A few years ago, before I'd ever swung a driver or rolled a putt, I was having lunch at our local golf club in late October and observed a gaggle of witches and goblins and ghosts (as well as a couple of pimps and ho's) frolicking on the fairways, sort of playing golf, but definitely having a blast. Count Dracula hit an awesome chip shot, a fairy princess got stuck in a bunker and the devil's putting was ...hellish. Anyway, this close encounter with a Halloween scramble almost convinced my to take up golf. Not quite though, it would be another year before I actually picked up a club, got out on a course and fell in love with the sport. And from the beginning I looked forward to the Halloween Scramble. Unfortunately, they haven't had one since I began playing...too many other events taking place a this time of year. But I'm hoping to help arrange one for 2008.

In the meantime, I'm getting ready for Halloween at my house tonight. We live in a historic Victorian neighborhood, and it's a glorious mild day so I'm expecting lots of trick-or-treaters. Like about 1,200. Believe it or not, that's normal on our street. But, I've got plenty of candy, even though I've eaten loads of it these last days. Now I just hope I can squeeze into my costume.

Halloween 2006 pics.