Sporty Sarkozy Looking for a Golf Date?

There was speculation in the media that newly elected, newly divorced French President, Nicholas Sarkozy would bring a date to dinner at the White House last night. I don't know how that rumor got started but I assure you it had nothing to do with me. I did have dinner with a French guy named Nicholas last night, but sadly, the Nick I dined with is not President of France, cause if he was, I would be France's first lady and that would be awesome!

In the end President Sarkozy arrived alone at the "Maison Blanche", but it seems he quickly made friends beginning with his flattering pro-American toast at the start of the evening. And it just went uphill from there. They say he dazzled congress today, and I hear they've even put french fries back on all the DC menus, but what I'm really curious about (as I tend to wonder about such things) is... does he play golf? He's ultra sporty and seems to have a fondness for Lacoste polo shirts (who doesn't) but I've found no reference to a Sarko photos of him a golf cart or on the greens. I'm definitely going to look into it though. I know at least one single golf girl who'd love to be a first lady.