Trend Watch - Golf Girl Calendar Cover Up

It's a definite trend in Golf Girl calendar couture. Let's call it "classy is the new trashy". Of course it all depends on how you define classy... and what exactly is meant by trashy. But clearly, something's going on. Everyone's covering up! A few days ago I reported on Natalie Gulbis's rejection of the skimpy swimsuit in favor of "sportier" attire. The "rebranding" has since been denied...sort of.

Then recently I read a post in the always entertaining GolfNow blog, that led me to another post in the ever alluring Golf Babes blog, that presented the 2008 Golf Digest World Ladies Calendar. ...And everyone's pretty much fully clothed, which hasn't always been the case with some of these gorgeous golfers.

Perhaps we can blame this trend on the economy. There's a long-standing theory that skirt length is linked to booms in a country's wealth: the better the economy, the shorter the skirt, and vice verse. Mightn't this be extended to the briefness of calendar girl's attire? If so, I think this particular economic indicator is telling us we're in for a bearish opposed to a bareish one.