GolfRascal and the Caddy Chicks

Sounds...interesting...doesn't it?

The press release presenting this provokative partnership came out of Pebble Beach today, announcing that Golfrascal, LLC has signed a cross marketing partnership with CaddyChicks, the well known purveyor of comely young caddies.

The Golfrascal mission is to,"serve the game of golf and to teach the game in its simplest form to those eager to learn, whether 9 years old or 90"...and the Caddychicks mission states that they're "providing an opportunity for women to learn more about the game of golf through the eyes of a caddy...and...providing training and support so that they may learn the game as it is meant to be played.

I see a derfinite commonality of interests here, don't you? Golfrascal Pro, Mauritz Leen, a South African, will even be providing on-line training for the Caddy Chicks based on his successful ABC teaching method.

The marketing materials for both companies earnestly emphasize promoting golf for women and fostering professionalism and entrepreneurship. However, some critics point to the racy videos and abundance of ultra-seductive swimsuit photos combined with the uniform youth and sexy attractivness of the caddies, as evidence that the true point of the business is...something else entirely.

I'd like to know your opinion. Have a look at the GolfRascal site...and the CaddyChicks one...check out the Caddy of the Month videos... and tell me what you think.