Sexist Hillary Hecklers Inspired by Augusta Protest

No doubt about it, the Clinton campaign is hurting in NH on the eve of that state's primary.

Since her third place finish in Iowa, the gal who not long ago was considered the most likely Democratic candidate for President is now clearly struggling.

Such a dramatic and rapid reversal of fortune has got to be hard to swallow, and though I'm neither a fan nor a supporter of Hillary Clinton, I admire her ability to keep going under such circumstances.

Today during a speech she was making in a NH high school auditorium, Hillary was confronted by a couple of Neanderthals straight out of Augusta National circa 2003. They held signs that read "Iron my shirts"...the same slogan that was used nearly five years ago during Martha Burk's failed protest of the men only policy at Agusta National Golf Club. Martha's neandrethals had "Wash my Dishes" on the other side of their signs. It's unclear wheather Hillary's hecklers went that far. Security dispatched them and Hillary dismissed them by noting that sexism was still alive and well.

I don't think I would have responded so graciously. I would probably have tried to throw a heavy the them. Because I hate housework, and the only irons I ever want to use are the ones in my golf bag.