The Old Oak, A Golf Memory

Believe it or not, this story begins before the Revolutionary War.

250 years ago an oak tree was born in the rolling hills of Southwestern CT. The seasons came and went. Monumental events shaped the world, and the environment around the growing oak. In 1972 Richter Park Golf Course Opened and the now mature tree became a dominant feature. Presiding over the 14th green, I welcomed its shade in the summer, and admired it's golden foliage through fall, as generations of golfers had since the course opened.

Several days ago the sound of chainsaws broke the silence of the deserted, snow covered winter landscape, and the noble old Oak was reduced to sawdust and dismembered branches. Unbeknown to most of us, the tree had been slowly, silently rotting from within. Falling limbs were becoming a real danger. It was time.

We'll all miss the massive oak tree, but its longtime neighbor, a beautiful red maple will now preside over the 14th green offering us shade and solace round after round.