PGA Publishes the Poulter Playlist

As you probably know, I really like Ian Poulter. He's one of the world's best golfers... but yet he always keeps it light and fun... and colorful. He's appeared in this blog quite a few times as a result.

His over-the-top style sense always amuses an audience, even on a douer golf day... while his top 10 finishes (he had five last year) and his top 25 finishes (he had eight) showcase his extraordianry skill. Then there are his seven International tournament wins. Pretty impressive. I mean, could you do that in pink plaid pants? Well Ian can. What's not to like about that?

The PGA is quite smitten with him too. They recently published his play list. It's the music he listens to before heading onto the golf course, mainly hip hop and R&B, very energizing. As you can imagine, I've just loaded the whole list onto to my ipod, it'll set the mood for my round tomorrow.

Poulter's Playlist


1 50 Cent ------------------Candy Shop
2 Kanye West----------------Stronger
3 Timberland----------------Give it to me
4 Kanye West----------------Gold Digger
5 Akon----------------------Smack That
6 Crystal Waters------------Gypsy Woman
7 Gorrillaz-----------------Dare
8 Lovestation feat----------Teardrops
9 Underworld Born-----------Slippy
10 Hardrive------------------Deep Inside

This is my first Poulter story of 2008, and I'm pretty sure it's not going to be my last.