These Boots are Made for...Golfing

...and that's just what they'll do. One of these days these boots are gonna golf all over... Connecticut.

Hopefully, that day will be soon. It's FREEzing here in CT! The kind of cold that makes you want to hibernate. But life's too short for hibernation, so we're out at the (heated) driving range a lot. Additionally, each time the temperatures get above freezing and the snow melts, a small group of us take to the fairways of a friend's club where we're allowed to "sortofplay" golf. That means we go from one select hole to another select hole, avoiding those where waterlogged greens will not tolerate winter golfers. We end up playing about half the 18. "Sortofplaying is way better than not playing at all so we welcome it.

That's where these awesome Puma golf boots will really come in handy. I read about them in the Pink Golf Tees Community Blog before Christmas, and was hoping to find them under the tree, but sadly that didn't happen. I guess my jolly old St. Nick was not happy with me at the time. Now however the temperatures have dropped considerably and I have a birthday coming up. So I'm hopeful I will finally get the boots I've been lusting for.

BTW in addition to their blog, Pink Golf Tees has a great on-line store that groups together some of the most stylish golf apparel and accessory brands. Note to Nick: multiple birthday presents are a good thing.