Design Challenge Winner Inspired by Golf

The brief was simple: Design a cool but reliable car for a 20-something guy named Matt, who's a recent college graduate, and just beginning his career.

It was the annual automotive glass design competition, open to sophomore transportation design students. The awards were recently presented at the Detroit Auto Show.

The top prize, a $1,500 scholarship, went to Ludwin O. Cruz, a student at Detroit's College for Creative Studies (CCS). That's his amazing creation above, look closely and you'll see the golf inspiration. The glass driver's side half of the car is, "styled to be reminiscent of a golfer's swing", and the car, "has dimples like those on a golf ball to focus the sun's energy onto solar panels beneath to power four independent wheel motors and interior electronics".

I find it quite awesome looking, in a futuristicky - JamesBondian way. It's just a concept for now, but who knows maybe one of these days we'll be driving a very cool car inspired by our favorite sport. Hope it gets good gas mileage.