The Wie Warrior is Back

...and the wounded warrior is me.

I sometimes hate to admit it, but I'm still a huge Michelle Wie fan.

Yes, I know her 2007 season sucked was a total disaster...and that she was way over-hyped by her handlers, her sponsors... and the media.

Many of her fans jumped ship in 2007. It was a year of missed cuts and unseemly incidents, as the once promising Ms. Wie plunged into a downward spiral of staff resignations, dubious withdrawals and "tweaked" injuries. By the end of it, she was just going through the motions. Then she ducked out of site for a while amidst talk of an emotional breakdown.

But it's 2008. A new year and a new golf season have begun,and Michelle Wie is back in the news, playing this week in the LPGA Tour's Fields Open in Hawaii. Granted the coverage she's getting now is a far cry from what it was last year, as she prepared to take on the men at the Sony Open. But for the time being men's events have been put on the back burner and Michelle is playing on an xx exemption with a very elite field of women.

No one knows what to expect either. Many scoff at her return and question her ability to even make the cut. She's already said that her wrists are not 100%, adding that they'll probably never be like they were...before. Well, before was then, this is now, and I'm hoping like hell heck Michelle plays decently.

I want Michelle back in the game because I love her star quality. OK I'm shallow and superficial and naive. So be it. Annika is an extraordinary player, a legend in her own time, but she leaves me cold. There, I said it. No more secrets.

The Golf Channel recently interviewed Wie at Stanford. The interview will be featured in three parts on "Golf Central'' Saturday (10:30 p.m.), Sunday (9 p.m.) and Monday (8:30 p.m.). and from what I've heard you'll be seeing a more mature more, thoughtful Michelle.

I, for one, wish her the best. After all, I'm a Wie Warrior.