Golf Grows in India

India's not the first place most of us think of when we think of golf. But don't tell that to Shruti Khanna, Irina Brar and Meghna Bal.

Khanna, currently India's top amateur player, is a veteran of the game who has witnessed its growth in the country from up close. Brar, Chandigarh's golden girl, dominated amateur golf for half a decade before becoming one of the handful of players to take up golf as a profession. Bal, the youngest of the three and playing college golf in the U.S. and is seen as the country's next bright golf star. These three golf girls were recently featured in Golf Digest, India.

Yep, they've even got there own edition of the difinitive golf journal. Golf is on fire in India these days, and the first India Masters is currently taking place in Delhi with an elite international field.

High profile international tournaments, top level players, a rapidly growing fan base...and, beautiful young ambassadors like the gals above. It sounds to me like a winning formula for the game.