Pebble Beach No Shows

A couple of months ago we could have reasonably expected to see these two glamour girls gracing the galleries of Pebble Beach. After all, their uber hot NFL boyfriends were both scheduled to play there this week.

But then again, the guys were supposed to meet at the Superbowl and that didn't happen. Both Tom Brady, Giselle's guy, and Tony Romo, Jessica's main man, have withdrawn from the tournament, along with Brady's coach and aspiring videographer Bill Belicheck. Another popular Bill, Bill Murray, won't be playing either. He's making a movie in Iceland.

Oh, don't worry, there'll still be plenty of star power at Pebble Beach. All the usual suspects. Yes it would be nice to see the gorgeous Giselle and Jessica, but the always awesome scenery of Pebble Beach will make up for it. Unlike glitzy girlfriends, no one seems to get tired of that.