Happy President's Day!

I hope you're enjoying the day off ... if you have how about a presidential golf trivia quiz? It's called Name that President:

1. He scored a hole in one at Bel Air Country Club in Los Angeles, on Labor Day, 1961, almost a year after losing a presidential bid .

2. His ace occurred after his presidency, in 1968 on a lucky thirteenth hole.

3. He was the first President to take up golf and scored in the low ninties.

4. His was the lowest handicap of any white house inhabitant.

He kept his handicap secret.

He proudly boasted a twenty handicap.

7. He said "Golf is an ineffectual attempt to put an illusive ball into an obscure hole with implements ill-adapted to the Purpose."

8. At a political fund raiser in 1981, he was criticized for attending a golf outing where a female lobbyist was accused of "over friendliness" with the participants.

9. He once said "I know my game is getting better because I'm hitting less spectators."

10. He hit a shot that actually richocheted off a tree and struck a 70-year-old woman spectator in the face.

11. He comes from a promininant golf family.

He's my favorite golf president. He maintained that golf was for fun and pleasure and rarely kept score.

Click HERE for the answers.

And click HERE for my post on one of the funniest golfing presidents, who by the way, is the Presidential inspiration behind the cute vintage postcard above.