The Cliffs - My CT Winter Golf Fantasy

I've been daydreaming a lot lately. Midwinter in CT has that effet on me. We spend a lot of time indoors during February. Even a simple trip to the driving range, is out of the question on icy, gray days with grounds covered in snow and winds whipping wildly.

My winter reveries are often inspired by virtual meanderings across the seductice landscape of the internet. Not long ago, on a particularly dark and bitter day, I did a google search for "Luxury Golf Communities" and discovered what is currently my ultimate fantasy: The Cliffs, a place where dreams (and daydreams) appear to come true... that is, if your dreams involve attractive people frolicking in gorgeous landscapes, playing relaxed rounds on masterfully designed courses. ...and isn't that what everyone fanasizes about?

Well maybe not. As seductive as it may seem to some, the preplanned golf community lifestyle is apparently not for everyone. I explore this curious contrariety in Golf Community Conundrum, a piece I posted at Golf for Women. Check it out if you've ever thought (or fantasized) about life in a golf community.

As for me, we'll it's currently 23 degrees here in Danbury, so I think I'll go spend a couple of hours at The Cliffs. I feel better already.