A Limerick for Mr. Golf Girl

OK, Nick hates it when call him Mr. Golf Girl. He doesn't particularly care for this photo either, but it's the only recent one I could find. It's from an icy day last week at the driving range when he borrowed my Nike bucket hat. I'll admit it's not his best look.

Anyway, I don't think he'll be too pleased with the limerick I found either. It's from the awesome Top Flite website and its part of a competition. You fill in the blanks with an assortment of provided words. They feature several such limericks and invite you to submit your own. If it's chosen, it'll be featured on the site and you'll win Top Flite golf balls. The site has an amazing entertainment section too, with unique games and some funny videos.

Anyway here's the Mr. Golf Girl limerick. You'll have to check the site for the missing words.

Ode to Mr. Golf Girl (my title)

There once was a golfer named Nick.
He'd strut around and act like a ________
But, far from a closer, the hack was a ________
And his act was exposed pretty quick.