Splendiferous Golf Guy, Jerry Weintraub

He's a Hollywood mogul who's done it all: movies, music, theater ... and always on a grand scale. From managing the career of Frank Sinatra to producing lots of big films, most recently the Ocean's series, 11 - 13. He's also a major golf aficionado, and that too he does big.

A recent article in Vanity Fair magazine finds Mr. Weintraub playing a round at Madison Country Club in La Quinta, California.

An ultra prestigious club, the producer was involved in its development and design, and his high standards are reflected in some truly awesome amenities; range balls are collected by hand to eliminate noise, rest rooms await at every second hole, and exotic fruit, amazing cocktails and sumptuous snacks are available at all times. This particular round ended with root-beer floats and Kobe beef cheeseburgers. Yes, apparently, he's still a Bronx boy at heart.

Check out the VF website for a video of the larger-than-life golf guy's photo shoot. It looks like lots of fun was had by all. BTW, I've decided that I really want to interview Mr. Weintraub myself.

At Madison Country Club of course