Time to Get your Golf Wordrobe Up to PAHR

I'm so ready for Spring!

Meteorologists, who are supposed to be on top of these things, are saying it's just around the corner, but I know enough not to believe them. Yes, the official start of the sweet season is March 21st, but here in New England, we always have to wait an extra month before we get the balmy days and mild nights.
So I'll be heading down to FL soon to jump start my Spring. I'm going to play endless rounds of golf and get really good. Ok well at least I want to look really good, and for that I need some golf clothes that swish, sassy and uber stylish. But what about the budget? For the moment mine is quite, rather,, extremely tight.

So imagine my delight when I discovered that one of my fave lines, the fabulous PAHR is having a sale. A major sale too. 50% off of their 2007 line. And BTW, their 2007 line is awesome. I just ordered a bunch of pieces. Like the adorable Court skirt with its amazing pleats and piping and pockets (gotta love pockets). It's now only $30.00. Lots of great polos too, and guys: PAHR has you covered as well.

So head over to Pahr for a headstart on your spring golf shopping!