A Golf Girl's Bastion of Blondeness

I happen to be the quintessential brunette.

It's not that I haven't tried being blonde. In fact, I've lusted to be a blonde my entire life, but it just never worked for me. On me, blonde always ends up orange... and no one wants orange hair, right? So I'm a reluctant brunette, and probably always will be.

...And I tend to get very, very envious when I see a bunch of blonde chicks hanging out together having fun, so this story should have had a very negative effect on me, because, after all, it features three lovely, talented blondes. But in the end, it actually inspired me. Because what these girls are advocating is golf and its many benefits, and who better to do that than LPGA star Morgan Pressel, real estate developer and business golfer, Ivanka Trump and golf media star, Stina Sternberg.

The event
took place in Manhattan and was called "Callaway Golf Girls Club". Subtitle: "Trade your stilettos for spikes, your diamonds for a set of GEMS...And your handbag for a golf bag". The glittery get-together introduced a new line of beginner-friendly ladies GEMS clubs, while reinforcing the myriad health, social and professional benefits of golf for women and girls. Editors from the top women's fashion and lifestyle magazines were there. So you can be sure we'll be reading about it all over the place.

Thus, despite a momentary twinge of blonde envy, I applauded these flaxen-haired golf advocates for their dedication to the sport, and yes, I'm considering some artfully placed highlights.