Golf Trinkets - Why I Deserve This One

For the past several days our region has been graced with nearly perfect weather. Actually, no. The weather's been totally perfect. Sunshine, clear blue skies, temps in the high 70s, where normally April in CT is wet and gray and soggy.

Blue skies and warm sunshine? Perfect weather for golf, you're probably thinking, and I agree with you, but the problem is I haven't been on the course. I've been working. Which is normal... and an accepted part of life... and I should be happy to have work... and all that. I know.

The problem is that the gentleman I co-habitate with has spent the past three glorious days golfing...and he's playing again today. And it's not only that. To make matters worse he feels compelled to expound about his on-course-adventures at length each evening when he returns happily tanned and tired-in-a-good-way.
Tired-in-a-good-way? Then I must be tired-in-a-bad-way, because I've spent the past few days in an artificially lighted interior in front of a computer screen.

And I'm longing to get outside. Into the sultry sunshine and onto the velvety springtime fairways of a lush green golf course. But I have two more weeks of this pace looming and Mr. Golf Girl just gloats and golfs and tells me he planned his schedule more thoughtfully than I did.

So when a golf blogger friend of mine sent me a link to the amazing $10,200 platinum and diamond ball marker by Shano Designs my first reaction was, "I think I rather deserve an uplifting little trinket like this". Unrealistic? Maybe. But there are other equally beautiful but more reasonable options, and I think I've settled on the the sterling silver and pink sapphire version. It's only $325, so I may as well get the divot repair thingy too. Right? I think so, and when Nick returns from the course today, tired-in-a-good-way, he'll just have to muster up enough energy to order it for me.

OK, I feel a bit better, now I can get back to work.