Every Golf Picture Tells a Story

When I was in fourth grade, I had a young teacher who was particularly passionate about creative writing. Once a week she'd have us write a short more than one page...based on a photograph. The photographs were torn from various magazines but, in retrospect, I realize that a lot of thought was put into their selection, because the stories seemed to write themselves. Week after week the entire class would produce prosaic paragraphs based on the evocative images.

Well, I was reminded of that long ago writing class when I stopped by Golf for Women today to post my blog and was greeted by the amazing photo above, of a puppy snoozing amongst the golf bags in the back of a golf cart. It was submitted by Golf for Women reader Laurie O'Brien and is one of many included in the GFW reader's galleries.

Other than golf, the featured photographs have little in common. Some show exotic foreign landscapes, some are homey and familiar. There are subjects of all ages. Several appear to be champions while others are clearly beginners, but each photo seems to tell an engaging story of a happy time spent playing golf, and I think we can all relate to that.