Cute French Golf Guy Wins in Estoril (updated)

Some might accuse me of having a bit of a French obsession lately. Well, the truth is, I've always had one. I love French literature, French architecture and French fashion. I adore their sexy language and their succulent pastries and frankly... I'm convinced, everyone else does too.

But it's not that often that I get to celebrate a French golfer. Well, this weekend I did. On Saturday Gregory Bourdy, a 25 year old Frenchman with blue eyes and a disarming smile, won the European Tour's Portuguese Open. It was an ultra exciting victory too. After leading for the first three rounds Monsieur Bourdy saw his lead evaporate in a flurry of missed shots. At one point five players had pushed ahead of him. But (as I know first hand) French guys can be tenacious, and finally, Gregory fought his way back to win in a three way play-off. So it was another exciting finish on the European Tour where exciting finishes are becoming the norm. With play-offs in Madeira, Andalusia and now Estoril, the Iberian swing has been animated, to say the very least. Alors, toutes mes felicitations Monsieur Bourdy, I'm glad to be able to celebrate a French golfer and hope to be able to do so again soon.

Here in the US the guys were in Houston, essentially warming up for Augusta, and the big golf story was Lorena Ochoa, reinforcing her dominance with a steely performance on the Dinah Shore Course then celebrating her victory en familia, with with a group swim in the Lake of Champions and a Mariachi band. Lorena's playing at an extraordinary level, that's undeniable, AND she consistently looks awesome in her golf outfits. Check out my post on Lorena Style at Golf for Women.

Now, let's get ready for the Masters. Personally, I can hardly wait to see those azaleas.

Update: One of my awesome & observant readers, himself a stellar golf blogger, introduced me to yet another winning golf guy, Thomas Levet. I was obviously distracted by what was going on over here, and totally missed his win in Andalusia. Luckly, the always engaging Golf Punk, has him covered in this great profile.