Golf and the Glenlivet in New York City

We're in the wee hours of Thursday morning and just back to our mid-town hotel room. Nick is sleeping and I'm blogging, which is kind of normal for us, no matter where we are.

We're in the city for meetings this week and happily, our business happens to coincide with Glenlivet City Links, a fun series of events that bring together the two most cherished exports of Scottish heritage — Scotch whisky and golf.

Tonight it was a cocktail reception put on by Esquire Magazine. What made is special is that the venue, a midtown office building, had been transformed into a 9 hole putting course inspired by the lush scenery of Scotland. There were streams and bridges and thachy areas of rough. There was also a stylish clubhouse bar the featured all five of The Glenlivet Scotch Whiskies.

The vibe was pretty awesome; urban and young and friendly. The Scotch was warm and wonderful and there were drawings for some amazing golf holidays.

Nick and I may even stop by the course again tomorrow...putting is a great way to relax between meetings.