The Masters - Unique Golf Style on Display

This is definitely the scariest accessory to be seen on the cloistered greens of Augusta National in like...forever. Golf apparel is generally not scary. Well at least not in the traditional sense of the word.

Leave it to Rory to boldly hit the fairways with the fierce looking, rhinestone encrusted cranium at his somewhat portly midsection.

Mr. Sabatini's sense of style has not gone unnoticed either. Earlier this year (along with his intimidating hard wear) Rory made the pages of definitive metrosexual style blog, Magnificent Bastard. He's now officially on the MB "worst dressed golfer" list. He's in good company there though, vying for position with Tiger Wood's Nike overkill and Jim Furyk's Pajama tops.

Golf Digest has criticized Rory's style
in the past as well, actually they criticized his whole persona and suggested that an extreme makeover might be in order Personally, I don't agree. I like Rory the way he is, slightly, categorically subversive.

This year's Masters has shown us little in the way of style so far. In the past we could always count on Ian Poulter to push the envelope but lately the flamboyant Brit seems to have toned down his style statements. I guess he's too busy concentrating on his golf game. Admittedly his game is looking better than ever, while Rory, after winning the par-three, sadly missed the cut.

So maybe there's a correlation between dressing dull and playing well. Damn. If this trend continues, everyone will end up looking like Phil Mickleson. Yawn.