Obscur Object of a Golf Collector's Desire

For the past year or so I've been collecting golf memorabilia.

My passion for golf combined with a love of Victorian and 20th Century Design makes this a natural hobby for me. Up till now, due to lack of money budgetary limitations I've been limited to post cards, prints and posters... and I have some lovely ones... However, recently I've begun to look beyond paper, to decorative objects and golf accessories.

Well, last week I discovered a golf object that was a total mystery to me. I had no idea what it all. I flipped it over and examined it more closely...and still no idea. What about you. Do you know you know what it is? Maybe you do, but if not, I'm going to let you guess. Below is second photo of the mystery golf object that might provide addtional clues to its use...or not.

Once you think you know, have a look here. I'm pretty sure you'll be surprised.