The Team Challenge - Are Hockey Players Really the Best Golfers?

I'm sure you don't think so if your sport is baseball...or football or basketball for that matter. But that seems to be the consensus among my friends and contacts, at least where the Team Challenge is concerned.

I told you a little about the Team Challenge last week. It's the upcoming tournament where iconic basketball, football, baseball and hockey players, will play golf. Team golf. The kind of golf we all love to watch. And the excitement level is going to be bumped up a notch because the organizers have invented a whole new Internet platform, called "strat.e.golf", that's going to let fans make real time coaching decisions. Add to that accelerated scoring and fan selected 2X players who's matches will count for double points... and I think we're actually bumping it up a lot of notches.

To get in on the action just sign up at the Team Challenge website and register as a ProCoach. You'll not only be able to vote on your teams strategy, and help select your teams 2X player, you'll also be able to enter an amazing sweepstakes that could win you and a guest a five day trip to Palm Springs to participate in Team Challenge events, and party with the players. You've got to enter by May 18th though, so get on over there.

The $250,000 purse will go to some great charities selected by the team captains, as will $1.00 for each fan that registers as a ProCoach for the winning team.

Now back to the hockey team. Not only are they being favored by my friends to win they also might end being the best dressed. A couple of days ago, in a press conference call, I was able to ask some of the players, including team captains Drew Brees, Ozzie Smith and Mario Lemieux what they would be wearing and who would be the best dressed... yes, I really asked them that... and captains Brees and Smith reluctantly conceded that the captain Lemieux and his hockey guys tended to be the most fashion forward.

Well, we'll soon find out. Personally though, I'm going with baseball, because besides golf it's the best sport in the universe. Anyone have a problem with that?