Golf Girl's Avatar Idol Competition - Enter to Win!

I love my Avatar. She's ultra cute and she has a pet monkey.

When I noticed that a couple of my golfblogger friends had their own adorable Avatars, I felt a contest coming on. An Avatar Idol contest!

This attractive Avatar with black hair and a pink golf cap was created by
Pink Diva who happens to be a talented designer of golf apparel and accessories.

And this blonde Avatar in the stylish bucket hat, with the puppies frolicking in the background, was created by 17Fairway, an engaging raconteuse who blogs about life in an awesome Florida golf community.

OK. The contest is simple. Create a golf Avatar and send it to me via email at I'll post them and we'll vote. The winner will receive an awesome prize package of new Golf Girl merchandise. You can use Yahoo! Avatars like we did, or any other program you want, I've listed a few below, or if you're really creative you can use a paint program to create one from scratch. We'll judge the Avatars based on cuteness, originality and golf skills. Extra points will be given to the Avatars who look the most like their creators.

We'll vote on the winner at the end of May so get working on yours and send it in.

Oh, and this contest is for guys as well as girls, in fact, the handsome Avatar below was created by a prominent guy golf blogger. Can you guess who it is?

Avatar makers: Dollz ---- Dopple Me --- Simpsons Avatar ---- Pimp my Doll ---- Shrink Pictures ---- Avatar Cpature ---- Zwinky