Grass is Greener for ChipChic Golf Girls

A couple of weeks ago I received a package containing a couple of very unusual accessories.

The first was a golf shoe bag. It had nylon mesh sides (which I like in a shoe bag)and a soft chamois lining. I could immediately tell it was sturdy and well constructed. But the most ...remarkable... thing was the AstroTurf.

Yes, the front section of the bag is made of AstroTurf...the kind you find at driving ranges and mini golfs parks. Isn't that crazy? But here's the thing. It works. It actually looks adorable. With it came a rectangular clutch purse. Now anyone who knows me knows I love my clutches I've got my Louis Vuitton and my Chanel...and now I have my AstroTurf clutch. And's ultra, cute.

Turns out these unique bags are the creation of a beautiful, bag-obsessed Canadian designer and her compay, ChipChicGolf. This girl seeks whimsy and humor and style where ever she goes. She's got several other bags in the Grass is Greener Collection, including a make-up bag a tote and the awesome little swivel caddy two of which are strategically placed in the photo above. This little bag clips onto your golf bag to carry the basics; keys, money, lipstick, etc.

The bags are all available on the ChipChic website and with the purchase of each bag, tree is planted by the environmental organization "The Tree of Canada".

Socially responsible and stylish...what could be better than that?