More Hot Looks from the Golf Girls at Sybase

Just finished compiling a few photos from my quick trip out to the Sybase classic on Saturday:

Looks like Annika's going for hotter colors and close-to-the-body styles. Let's hope this is her new look. If you've got it... flaunt it, girl!

Morgan Pressel looks like the quintessential girl next door in head to toe RL. She plays much better than said girl next door, however.

Jill McGill is 6 feet tall very lean and perfectly tanned. She looks great in this sporty outfit, but then I guess she'd look great in anything.

I know it's ultra-hot out west, but back east it's been kind brisk lately, and layers were everywhere. Minea Blomqvist wore turquoise under white. But she was far from the only one in layers...

Lots of players were wearing layers...

In great color combinations too.

Christina Kim has an awesome sense of style that's all her own. She was playing amazingly well, too. She's taking a week off this week and said she plans to spend it ...shopping. I guess that means we can look forward to more great styles in the weeks to come.

Unfortunately, due do my so-called day job, my time at the tournament was limited and I didn't get to see Paula or Lorena or many of my other favorite style stars golfers. I did get more shots the Natalie Gulbis look though. Like it or loath it I think we'd have to agree it was one of the strongest style statements to come out of this tournament, so I made this little tribute to Natalie's sense of style. One of my readers called it "Natalie's Booty Skirt" ...I just call it Fabulous.