Golf Avatar Idol - Don't Forget to Enter

The competition is heating up, big time! You've sent me golf divas and golf dudes... goth golfers and preppy pros. It's amazing how creative golfers are... and how diverse!

With one week to go there are currently 18 extraordinary contestants, so if you haven't entered and you feel you can compete ...send yours in!

The deadline for submission is May 29. Then, on May 30, I'll be presenting all of the contestants (with links to their sites, if applicable) ...and you'll be able to vote for the winner.

The Prize - A Golf Girl (or Golf Guy) gift bucket which includes a T-Shirt, Hat, Coffee mug and other items and accessories. In addition, if you have a website or blog and your avatar wins, you'll win a three month link on Golf Girl's Diary.

Additional info and links to several icon makers is here. So, get creative... find your inner golf avatar...and go for it!