Sex is Back. So How About a Girlfriend Golf Getaway?

Get out your Manolo Blahnik golf shoes! Tonight is the long awaited NY premiere of Sex and the City.

The small screen version, which ended four years ago, was groumd breaking... and gained a worldwide audience. That's why I'm sort of assuming everyone reading this is at least somewhat familiar with Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda... and their sexy, urban world.

Fans of the series have been craving more SATC for a while now, and finally, we're getting it... On the big screen. Yay.

As expected however, there's a bit of a gender gap when it comes to Sex...the movie I mean... not the activity (there's more like a major gender chasm when it comes to the activity, but that's beside the point).

It seems most guys would prefer to watch Indiana Jones, or take out the garbage, or have a root canal than be confronted with four, forty-ish, post-feminists who's lives revolve around designer shopping, awesome jobs and faithful, devoted girlfriends who always come through when needed. Despite the rumored existence of a "Mr. Right", in this world men are at best, peripheral playthings, so I don't really blame guys for being wary. That and the fact that few men appreciate the beauty of the perfect designer handbag.

So what's golf got to do with it you ask... understandably so... because the only reference I could find to golf in six years of episodes was the time Miranda compared a former date's "anatomy" to "one of those little miniature golf pencils". The line that followed was very funny but this blog is rated PG...or at most R...so I can't quite repeat it here. But it's the whole "girlfriends" thing... and how it's now being successfully used to market so many things to women... that has my interest.

In the near decade since the small screen Sex and the City made it's debut, we've seen the advent of girlfriend books, girlfriend gifts, girlfriend gatherings and girlfriend getaways. They were all there before, only now they conjure up images of Carrie and company, thus they're that much more appealing. Like the Girl Getaways described by Ashley Mayo and Dana White in Golf for Women or the 40 Girlfriend Getaway packages proposed by Budget Travel. Even WorldGolf's uber manly Timothy McDonald is looking out for the girlfriends. Ok, maybe he's a metrosexual after all.

The thing is, in the end I do believe that Sex and the City has influenced our culture. It's helped women, however different they may be from the heroines of the show, place more value on their female friendships, and that seems like a good thing to me.

I've got to say though, I'll never look at that little golf pencil in the same way again.

No Manolos - I wore these awesome Aerogreen golf shoes over the weekend!