Memorial Day Greetings from Golf Girl's Diary (Updated)

Here in CT, it's been an awesome weekend so far!

It's been just the way early summer should be; full of warm sun, blue skies and green, green golf courses, the later thanks to the copious rain we've had over the past couple of weeks.

After golf on Saturday AND Sunday, tomorrow we'll be "taking a day off" to attend an old-fashioned Memorial Day parade with my Dad in the home town of Old Greenwich, CT. It's the parade I marched in for years growing up; first with girl scouts, then with my trusty flute, as part of my high school marching band. Tomorrow however, it'll be all about enjoying the nostalgia with my Dad and remembering soldiers past and present.

Then, on Tuesday, it's back to work, (and back to golf and back to blogging) all set to enjoy the summer.

UPDATE : Just a few photos of this awesome day. No golf but there'll be plenty of time for that later this week.

Dad's House Decorated for the holiday.

Dad's dog "Buddy" decorated for the holiday.

The boys of summer. Little Leaguers in parade mode.

The parade is always awesome.

I marched with the girl scouts on this same avenue a couple/few years ago...

...then I moved on to the marching band.

The parade always has lots of fire engines...and lots of fire boots and lots of fire hats.

Each year the parade ends with speeches in lovely Binny Park. It's nastolgic and nice.
Now....let me get back to golf.