Golf Kids - Can't They Just Play with... like...Dolls?

There are lots of young golfers out there, doing lots of exciting things, but this story is really annoying amazing:

A six-year-old Canadian gal, little Hailey Katona pictured to the left, will be representing Canada at the Junior World Golf Championships on July 12-18 in San Diego, California.

Yes, you read that right. She's only six and she's competing in an international golf tournament. I'm trying to wrap my mind around that.

Maybe I was a late developer or something, but at six...I'm pretty sure I was still playing with baby dolls and building blocks. Wasn't I? In any case, I know I wasn't engaged in any competitive international sporting events. Like Hailey is.

And that's why I hate her., no, no. I don't really hate her, in fact I think it's awesome that she's so good at such a young age. It seem's she's played for three years already, but this is her first year of competitive golf. She qualified at the Canadian Junior Golf Association's Junior Linkster Tour event...and now... she's going international.

And here's the scary part; she'll be in the six-and-under division. That means there'll be five, and four...and maybe three year olds in the mix.

OK, forget it. I'm done. Good Luck Hailey.