The Natalie Gulbis WSJ Interview (Updated)

I don't generally think of the Wall Street Journal as a place to find Natalie Gulbis stories, but The 2008 U.S. Women's Open is about to begin, and golf girl stories, of all sorts, are popping up everywhere.

So I wasn't too surprised to find Questions for Natalie Gulbis, a short, succinct interview with the glamorous golf girl, in a newspaper that generally specializes in financial news. The interview is well worth reading too, whether you're a NG fan, or one of those who still can't get past the Kournikova comparison.

Tim Carrol asks about a dozen succinct questions... and Natalie comes off as clear, content and uncomplicated. They talk about the US Open, of course, and the evolution of her calendars (from racy to not-so-racy). They discuss who's behind her marketing efforts (her Dad) who introduced her to golf (her Dad) who inspires her (her Dad).

When I saw Natalie at The Sybase last month, I was ultra impressed with the way she carried herself .... with complete coolness and control...despite a booty skirt short enough to qualify as micro-mini.

Still on the subject of golf girls, LPGA FanBook is a little bit of awesome you're not going to want to miss. It's a feature on LPGA.com, that allows you to leave a text, audio or video message for your favorite player. So, I'm heading over there to leave a message for Natalie. I want to find out where she got that skirt.

Update: Awesome Ashley Mayo is covering the U.S. Women's Open on her Golf for Women blog. Be sure to check it out.

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