Golf to Remember - The 2008 US Open Championship

No one expected this.

Let's face it, we all thought today's playoff would be a yawn. After all it was the world number 157 player up against the world number 1. It rarely gets more uneven than that in a professional golf tournament. And when the number 1 in question is Tiger Woods (as it will undoubtedly be for the foreseeable future) there's little chance of even a feeble attempt, and this was much more than a feeble attempt this was a fight to the finish. Beyond the finish actually... and right on into the sudden death playoff where Tiger ultimately triumphed.

Rocco Mediate turned out to be an amazing competitor and an endearing, affable, inspiring personality. I followed the action live on Twitter with dozens of other golf fans from around the world. Everyone, everywhere... in offices in the middle of the work day, or at home in the late evening, or on the road with their mobil devices... was loving the drama, and totally engaged with the two competitors battling on the beautiful coastal course.

My favorite style statement of the championship was definitely Mr. Mediate's peace symbol belt, worn with a black on black outfit on Sunday. Reaction was decidedly mixed, with some immediately attaching a political statement to it. In the end though, even the staunchest anti-peace advocates had to admit that Rocco was probably just having fun with a unique accessory.

Live blogging was a trend that really seemed to come into its own at this tournament. Oobgolf was doing it, so was ESPN's Jason Sobel. Golf bloggers like Pablo Herrero and Scot Duke were live micro-blogging on Twitter along with me ...and lots of others. It was pretty awesome, and I think we'll be doing more of it at future events. For now though we're still talking about this one, and I think we will be for a while. It was that good.

As I told you earlier, I'll be up in Cromwell, CT later this week for the Travelers Championship. I just heard Rocco won't be there, which is a bit of a disappointment. It is understandable though; after going head to head with Tiger Woods I imagine most of us would need a little rest.