Nude Bathers May Distract US Open Golf Fans

Well, lets say you're at the US're sitting in the bleachers waiting for Tiger and Phil to approach the green. You glance down, past the soaring cliffs to the ruggedly beautiful shoreline below and observe the beach goers; swimming, playing volleyball, building sandcastles... doing all those beachy things... but without any clothes on. Not a stitch... for this is a nudist beach.

Just a 7 iron down is Black's Beach, San Diego's famous nude beach. Wouldn't you be at least a little distracted? You probably would because, take it from me, nude people are distracting. They just are.

I frequent a "clothing optional" beach on the south shore of Long Island because it happens to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I won't say which "option" I choose, because that's irrelevant, but I will say that the naturalist beach goers, inevitably get as much attention as the gorgeous beach, despite the fact that beautiful Hollywood bodies rarely exist in nature and are definitely not common on Lighthouse Beach. I think it's a normal human response for a person to be distracted by unclothed other persons.

So while there's a good chance no one will miss a Tiger putt or a Phil chip, some of the less charismatic, exciting, well known players may find the gallery even less attentive then usual.

I came upon Steve Elling's story on this via OobGolf who posted the link this morning, Thanks guys.