Golf Speed Dating and Other Golf Dating Options

Unfortunately, they didn't have anything like this when I was single. In fact, I don't remember any really fun singles events from ... back then. Certainly none that involved golf.

I do remember the time a girlfriend of mine dragged me to a singles dance, at a brightly lit local community center. An ebullient young man from Cuba was there to teach the motley group of gathered singles how to do the Macarena. Or, was it the Lambada? In any case the evening was a dismal failure, for all the reasons you can imagine, and I swore off any activity with the word "singles" in it forever. A couple of years later when I met my husband. I met him through work.

But these days it's different. Every one's on the Internet, and you can refine your search for a significant other by using dating sites specifically geared to what you're looking for it a millionaire, a biker, a vegetarian or... a golfer , yes, that's what I'm looking for would be if I was...available.

Then of course there's Craig's List, where I found the ad above, in the NY section, among other ads for golf outings and events, none of which sounded like they'd be quite as much fun. In addition to ads for golf activities, jobs, equipment, real estate, and every other category of product or service you could ever imagine, CL harbors its own interesting array of single (or not so single) golfers. They seek mates among the sometimes lugubrious personal ads the site has become infamous for. Decidedly, Craig's List dating can be as salutary or as salacious as you want it to be.

The point is, today's single golfers have lots of options when it comes to dating and socializing with other single golfers.

And mercifully, none of them involve the Macarena.