Vijay Singh - Friday at the Travelers Championship

I finally caught up with Vijay yesterday, on the ninth hole, where he finished his second round with an inauspicious bogey.

He's still very much in contention though, four back on the leaderboard with Corey Pavin, one of his playing partners yesterday.

Later, in the media center I overheard an intrepid reporter recount (...and I'm paraphrasing liberally here) that when he had asked Mr. Singh, immediately after the untimely bogey on the ninth, how he felt he was playing, Mr. Singh suggested, curtly, that the reporter go ask Corey Pavin (who had parred that last hole) the same question.

Classic Vijay. Much to the chagrin of golf journos, his "kiss my ass" attitude towards the press...the one that was so unambiguously articulated at the 2000 Masters, has never really changed, and watching him yesterday in Cromwell I definitely had the sense that it could bubble to the surface at any moment. It's palpable in his body language, gestures and facial expressions. Aloof, parsimonious...and unapologetic, this player has a presence that no other player has. A highly complexed presence that makes him seem larger than life and quite foreboding.

Regardless of all that, I'd love to see Vijay Singh win the Travelers Championship. And I think there are many fans, and yes, journalists, who would too. Despite his seemingly sanctimonious recent statements regarding some of the younger UK golfers, despite the memories of his misogynistic musings at the Colonial and despite clashes with the press too numerous to mention.

I think we'd like to see him win because we sense such an unyielding dedication to golf, a dedication that almost seems primal. It's reflected in his notorious work ethic and the fact that he's here at this tournament like is at lots of tournaments most many of the big names, simply skip.

Later in the afternoon I found myself on the far side of the grounds at the awesome new practice range. And there was Vijay Singh, with his coaches relentlessly...practicing.

He's teeing off for the third round about now. I'm not in Cromwell today but may go tomorrow. The forcast is calling for rain but I'm hoping it holds off. Needless to say, I'm also hoping for Vijay victory.

Vijay Singh... do you love him or loath him? I don't think anyone is so-so on the subject of this golfer so it's got to be one or the other. Let me know what you think.

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